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Say Hello To Peter Piek

Das Album mit 8-seiteigen Digipack + 4seitiges Inlay.

01. Peter Piek's 2nd dream
02. while the sun is burning away
03. everybody feels the rain (black rain)
04. people we are'nt free enough
05. the invisible hides the colours
06. a confrontation with myself
07. in your eyes
08. Peter Piek's 1st dream
09. time to fly away
10. you know how i feel
11. everybody feels the rain (black rain)
12. peewee princess of the Dau & Deh

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Format: CD Album / DIGIPAC
Barcode: 4260065623125
Ordernr.: aus3039-2
Label: Beathotel
Labelcode: 06415
Release: 21.03.2008
Publisher: Ausfahrt Mv GmbH
Produced by: Peter Piek
Postproduction: Britta Hamann, Ulrich Hornberg